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Kundalini Activation Benefits

Nervous System

Kundalini Activation strengthens your nervous system. So when you’re in down dog or plank pose for three whole minutes and your entire body is shaking, have no fear! Your nervous system is toning. 


Kundalini Activation awakens your inner willpower right at the core of your solar plexus (Third Chakra) at the navel point. We become much more able digest events and take necessary action immediately to eradicate things.

Brain power

Kundalini Activation clears the fogginess of the mind. When the mind becomes clouded with several thoughts, only you have to take one minute breath, the mind becomes crystal clear.


Breathing alternately through the nostrils brings into balance left and right hemispheres of the brain. Kundalini awakens our inner creativity by releasing our worries about the little things and opening us up to infinite possibilities that life has to offer.

All Embracing

Kundalini Activation opens the heart center (Fourth Chakra). Poses like the Tree Pose provide us with security in the root chakra so we feel like strong steady trees planted firmly to the earth, and when our needs are not met we don’t feel like it’s the end of the world.

Wise Choices

All forms of yoga make us more conscious human beings. So don’t be surprised if you start acting like a wise guy, refraining from behaviors that cause harm to you and the environment like smoking, drinking, drugs, meat and dairy products and wastage of water and electricity. 


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Our Yogis Say

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The day I did kundalini session with Aacharya Kamlesh , I was feeling really high! I can feel his energy and I can’t describe the feeling! Thank you Aacharya Kamlesh to share with me your knowledge and your incredible energy!


I discovered kundalini with Aacharya Kamlesh, It changed my life completely. The energy and knowledge recived during session was incredible. I am very much greatfull to Aacharya Kamlesh.


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