Kundalini Activation

Awaken the hidden treasure within

Kundalini energy lies inactive at the base of the spine until it is awakened. The majority of people either do not know it or are lazy to explore this untapped energy. But, Kundalini power can be activated spontaneously by different types of meditation and yoga practices. When Kundalini is activated, it brings several changes in the lives of people in terms of physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual development. This procedure of Kundalini awakening is a self-transformation process that leads to higher levels of consciousness and self-awareness. 

Kundalini energy is like a coiled snake that exists at the base of the spine. The word Kundalini is derived from the Sanskrit word called “kundal”, which means “coiled” or “serpentine”. The divine feminine energy is represented by this serpent that is presented in every living thing, bringing about a blissful state along with harmony once awakened. 

Benefits Of Kundalini Activation

A kundalini awakening can be an amazing tool for healing and self-improvement, allowing long-term positive change. It is said once your kundalini awakens, life will never be the same. Your entire system, mind, body, and spirit goes through a massive energetic upgrade, causing you to move through life in a very different way. Some of the benefits of a Kundalini awakening can be:

  • Feelings of blissfulness
  • Enhanced psychic abilities
  • More compassion and empathy
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased spiritual connection

Benefits of a kundalini awakening aren’t limited to this list. Many report the desire to change their diet, job, relationships, and shift their entire life to match their new way of being after awakening.

Course Details

Three hours of specially designed workshop to give you a clear insight about the process involved in Kundalini Activation. This workshop includes three parts: 
1) Introduction and basic understanding of Kundalini & Activation Process
2) Shaktipat Session ( Energy Exchange To Make You Feel The Energy Centers)
3) Doubt Clearing 

Starting From : Sunday 15th Jan. 2023
Timing  : 8:00am To 11:30am (Hindi Batch )  

3:00pm TO 6:30pm (English Batch )

Is Kundalini Activation Dangerous?

Kundalini energy is activated by a type of yoga that comprises singing, chanting and breathing exercises. It is one of the most dangerous types of yoga as it is the most potent and potent things are the most dangerous if they are not handled properly. Due to this, without the required preparation, without constant and expert guidance, nobody must ever attempt it. In addition to this, if the required conducive atmosphere is not there, simply striving to raise Kundalini may be very dangerous and irresponsible.

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This course is all about Kundalini activation. We have designed this course in a manner that a beginner can also activate his/her kundalini.

 there will be a class of 3 hour.

No! Our most of the classes are based on practical trainings and sadhana. However, if any participant wants, than they can make their notes for future references.

No! We do not have any video recording, nor do we support various yogic kriyas by watching videos. Kundalini sadhana is a practical thing. It is completely impossible to awake kundalini by watching videos.

Support will be provided in your practices and regular followup sessions will be there after completing this course.


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