Yogic Healer

Be a certified Yogic Energy Healer and transform the lives of others

Purpose of Yogic Healer

Yogic healing is part of ancient Indian science. Many years ago, the yogis would treat sick individuals with Yogic healing. With their deep and mysterious spiritual and meditation practices attained through yog siddhis, they healed patients by raising pran Shakti in the patients’ bodies. This healing also rejuvenates the balance as well as the flow of energy throughout the mind, body and soul. The technique of yogic healing works with the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of overall well-being. It is the treatment methodology that comprises the transfer of energy from the healer to the patient.

Course Details

Learn the principles of yogic healing and share your exceptional healing powers with the people for the greater good of all.

Starting From : 22 May 2022 to 30 May 2022.

Timing : Evening- 7:00pm to 9:00pm . 

Key benefits

  • Inculcate energy healing abilities by yogic practices
  • Utilise divine energy to heal pains, blockages along with trauma in the body
  • Strengthens your intuition
  • Start your own healing business
  • Improve your healing powers beyond other techniques
  • Bring peace and success in your life while connected to the higher purpose
  • Heal yourself and others 

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“You shall attempt an analysis of this Current of Joy as it affects the outer consciousness including the physiological man. To the sensuous consciousness It appears as of the nature of a fluid, for there is a sense of ‘flowing through.’’


What is Yogic Healing?

Yogic Healing helps in cleansing and activating the 7 Chakras through spiritual Energies.

Who is a Yogic Energy Healer or a Yogic Healer?

A Yogic Healer is an Energy source in himself that helps you in removing the negative layers such as trauma, depression, pain, fear, stress, emotional imbalance, etc. that is trapping you in the vein. A Yogic Healer heals emotional and physical pain by channelizing the higher energy source.

What are the key issues that Yogic Energy Healers can heal?

Healing sessions by a Yogic Energy Healer can help you in:-

  • Providing relief from Pain, Depression, Anxiety, negative blockages, etc.
  • Increasing positivity by removing negative thoughts
  • Creates an Emotional Balance in life
  • Increasing Spiritual, mental and Physical strength

What will I gain from Aadinath Yogic Energy Healer Certification Course?

You will achieve self-consciousness, becomes Energy source, will be able to channelize Higher Energy and improves overall health. Apart from these, you will get guidance on healing, and will be eligible for refresher courses and other higher-level courses.

I want to discover and develop energy healing abilities. Is it possible?

Yes. By being an Energy Healer you can develop potential energy healing properties. You can heal yourself and others also.

Does Yogic Energy Healing helps in increasing Intuitive Powers?


What will I learn in Aadinath Yogic Energy Healer-Certification Course?

The Aadinath Yogic Energy Healer Certification course includes the below-mentioned topics:-
• Awakening Consciousness
• Spiritual Wisdom & Kundalini Energy
• Healing Mindset & Preparation
• Yogic Energy Healing
• Healing Methodologies & Techniques
• Practical Training
• Care & Caution For Healers