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What is Kundalini and How to Awaken it?

Do you want to find out your life’s objective and awaken your fullest potential? Kundalini Yoga is an age-old practice that enables you to channel powerful energy, which transforms your life. In Sanskrit, Kundalini refers to “coiled snake” and it is said that this divine energy is presented at the base of the spine. We are born with this energy and Kundalini works to “uncoil the snake” so that we can connect to our divine essence. 

Originally, Kundalini was a study of energy science along with spiritual philosophy. During ancient times, royalty used to sit with the Masters of Kundalini to hear the scientific aspects of Kundalini. Kundalini was brought to western culture by Yogi Bhajan who transformed it into a lovely practice with valuable knowledge and modern practicality, making it reachable to all. 

Kundalini energy is exceptional life-force energy and is the source of different things, like our creativity and divine feminine energy. Kundalini Yoga is a tool to raise consciousness and attain a state of blissfulness and boundless love. This yoga activates the energy that lies latent at the base of our spine and raises this energy up to our heads’ crown, thereby establishing an upward energy flow, which balances our chakras (Energy centres). 

Kundalini is that aspect of energy, which is yet to realise its potential. In the human body, there is an enormous volume of energy that is untapped and waiting to explore because this body is still in the making. So, you are not a human being, you are basically a “human becoming.” There is always scope to transform yourself into a better human being. 

Everybody is sitting on the jackpot called Kundalini but most of them are unaware of it and never realise something like this is there in the body. Kundalini is a treasure within you that has been left untapped and unused. You can use this energy to transform your life completely which you cannot imagine. 

What is Kundalini Awakening?

Kundalini energy is like a coiled serpent that rests at the base of the spine. When this latent energy flows upward via the seven chakras and results in an expanded consciousness state, it is called Kundalini awakening.

The spiritual experience of the Kundalini awakening is powerful that happens intentionally through different practices, such as pranayama, meditation and yoga. This type of awakening is rare in the spiritual world as the majority of people are not aware of it. 

Kundalini awakening is a type of energetic awakening that transforms you in the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. It may occur slowly and subtly or rapidly on your spiritual awakening journeys and has nothing to do with your culture, religion, race and country of origin. 

While Kundalini awakening may seem like a crazy as well as out-of-control experience, it is an intelligent and organic process, which has a specific purpose and works with it systematically. The purpose is to get away from illusions of life and knots in the psyche that may be a painful process as it may mean the end of current relationships and old ways of leading life. The people are not ready to let go of the familiar ways to lead every aspect of life quite often and this attachment to the status quo causes suffering.

The more you do the hard work before Kundalini activates, the smoother the process of awakening. If you have a spontaneous awakening with no work on yourself, be prepared for a hard road. The most significant aspect of skilfully working with Kundalini awakening is the perspective you take of Reality. This is where it is very important to have a good master who can pass on the view of the tradition. The majority of people’s problems with Kundalini stem from possessing wrong views and with the adjustment of view and the right practice, the activation can be skilfully integrated. 

How can you Awaken Kundalini?

There are different opinions on ways to awaken Kundalini. It can be awakened in several ways. It may take numerous hard years of constant practice for some people and for others, it may happen spontaneously. Hence, the process is individual and cannot be anticipated quite often. 

Kundalini awakening is achieved by a range of sacred practices mentioned in Hinduism. In India, traditionally, yogis would cleanse and make themselves ready for several years to safely experience the awakening of Kundalini. 

The awakening of the Kundalini is a significant event when it comes to the evolution of the soul. There are many ways to awaken Kundalini. In fact, the majority of spiritual activities eventually culminate in the Kundalini activation. The majority of the methods need to be learned from a qualified teacher and Kundalini practice has to be performed strictly under the supervision of a master. Here are some methods to attain Kundalini Awakening:

Mantra Yoga -

The first method to activate Kundalini is mantra practice. Mantra is the sacred words that help you to tap your spiritual potential. Our ancient Rishis discovered these mantras and has been passed to generations by the master-disciple tradition. Kundalini can be activated by doing Mantra Japa which is the repetition of a mantra specific number of times daily. For Kundalini awakening, the master has to initiate the disciple with the intention of activating the inner dormant power. It also depends on the state of evolution of the Guru. If the Guru’s Kundalini is activated, then it is easy for the disciple to receive awakening through initiation. Otherwise, it may take a long time and several repetitions of the mantra. 

Pranayama -

This method is quick and direct; however, needs ample preparation. A practitioner needs to prepare the body by taking proper diet and cleaning techniques known as Shatkarma. Pranayama cleans the Nadis or energy channels, especially Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, the three key channels. It is essential for the central energy channel Sushumna to be clear so that Kundalini energy can go up. The heat is created in the body through Pranayama, which when directed properly awakens the Kundalini power. For this purpose, the practice of three Bandhas Uddhiyana Bandha (Abdominal lock), Mula Bandha (Root lock) and Jalandhara Bandha (Chin lock) needs to be done to direct the energy in the upward direction. Once activated, the Kundalini enters the Sushumna at the bottom of the spine and goes up. 

Awakening by pranayama can be extremely quick and may bring many blissful experiences. The practitioner must be thoroughly prepared to handle these experiences. That’s why it is recommended to do this under the supervision of a Guru.

Shaktipat -

Shaktipat refers to the transfer of spiritual energy from Guru to disciple by either of the means, like touch, sight or mere thought. It can be transferred in the Guru’s physical presence or over a distance. The awakening happens immediately; however, may not be permanent. For this, a disciple needs to be adequately ready for the Guru to transfer energy to awaken the disciple. During the awakening, the disciple may have different kinds of superb experiences that subside slowly. 

Herbs -

Consumption of particular chemicals, like herbs or medicines can be used to awaken the Nadis and for activating the Kundalini. Such knowledge is not available readily and is hidden in secrecy. Kundalini awakening through herbs is dangerous because it may result in a wild awakening with several side effects, comprising maddens and hallucinations, unless they are consumed under proper guidance. 

Tapas or Austerity -

The root word of Tapas in Sanskrit is Tapah, meaning heat. It is undertaken to purify the mind, body and emotions. While undertaking Tapas, our dormant impressions in the mind comes to the surface which leads to several mental and emotional imbalances. One needs to go through these with the attitude of a witness and understand it as the process of cleansing. Tapas undermines our Vasanas or inherent tendencies and enhances our willpower. During the process, Kundalini can be awakened because of the churning of the subconscious and unconscious mind. The activation by Tapas may be violent and difficult to manage. You may get several experiences, thrown up from a dormant unconscious mind. The presence of a Guru is necessary during these times so that the disciple can handle side effects. 

Tantric Initiation -

This method is the hidden subject in which the practitioner needs to understand the aspects of Shiva and Shakti. Males mainly manifest the Shiva principle and females mainly manifest the Shakti principle. The union of these two forces leads to awakening. Purity of mind and guidance from a Guru is needed to follow this path. 

Mudras -

Kundalini awakening typically consists of the use of mudras or hand positions that facilitates the flow of Kundalini Shakti between chakras and enhance one’s journey within. 

How Else You Can Activate Kundalini?

So is there any other activity that you can do? Every yoga aspect in some way awakens Kundalini. In fact, everything you do, for example, if you jump for 15 minutes or play tennis, will awaken your Kundalini to some extent. When you are absolutely immersed in a game, you show an exponential sense of energy that may not be possible for you in ordinary circumstances. This is because the Kundalini gets awakened in intense activity. But, consciously striving to awaken it and utilise it is an altogether different business. This needs to be done under strict guidance and control. 

Kundalini Activation Benefits

People whose Kundalini is activated experience a range of benefits that includes:

  • Increase compassion and mindfulness
  • Improved communication with others and self
  • Clear mind
  • Greater purpose in your actions
  • Inspiration
  • Brings authentic spiritual experience
  • Reinforces the immune system
  • Boost self-perception
  • Reduces the risk of emotional disorders
  • Helps in addressing anxiety, insomnia and depression

Is Kundalini Awakening Safe?

Although awakening Kundalini is a safe practice, there are some dangers involved in it. Remember that its awakening releases tremendous force. 

With great power comes great responsibility. 

Kundalini is like a powerful and fierce goddess. Her presence is intense. Waking the goddess is a sacred art form that should be managed with care and grace.

It is dangerous when you are not prepared as the experience may be frightening. There would be extreme confusion, discomfort as well as resistance because the ego starts to dissolve and you are encountered with the truth. 

To be able to experience Kundalini energy graciously, you have to carefully purify and strengthen your entire system first, which means that practicing under the supervision of a knowledgeable and trusted Guru is always necessary. While this divine energy is loving and nurturing in its essence, the abrupt shift in perception may be extremely overwhelming provided you are not ready. 

Not only will enabling a Guru to guide you will make you understand how to handle the Kundalini power but also the teacher can assist you through methods and techniques based on what is suitable for you.

Kundalini awakening is not a process that must be rushed and it’s not smooth sailing also. It may be rocky waters that bring you closer to your soul too. So, be ready to embark on this journey to feel blissful and empathetic always. 

Conclusion -

Kundalini is an energy that lies dormant at the base of your spine and it is like a “coiled snake”. It can be awakened by different methods that comprise singing, chanting and breathing exercises. The awakening of this hidden energy can transform your life completely by bringing enormous joy, love and awareness. It is one of the most dangerous types of yoga as it is the most potent and potent things are the most dangerous if they are not handled properly. Due to this, without the required preparation, without constant and expert guidance, nobody must ever attempt it. In addition to this, if the required conducive atmosphere is not there, simply striving to raise Kundalini may be very dangerous and irresponsible. 

So now you know what Kundalini Awakening is, the real question is, are you ready to activate this unique hidden energy that resides in you? Go here. 

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