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What is Consciousness? Benefits and How to achieve it.

What is Consciousness? Benefits and How to achieve it –

Do you feel quite often that you are sleepwalking in your life? As if some activities happen somehow without your total involvement as well as presence, leaving you lost, unsatisfied and confused?

Sometimes, we are so overloaded by information and technology and by several things we need to complete that we automatically switch to autopilot mode to get through the day, which leaves some things unnoticed. 

Do you enquire yourself sometimes whether you have locked the doors of your house while you are already 20 KM away from home? Do you wish to feel total presence when spending time with family or friends or doing any meaningful activity? Complete presence gives you more control over your life apart from making you more efficient in daily activities, which is a fact. 

If you are seeking ways to become conscious in routine life, you have hit the right spot. 

Attaining More Consciousness in Daily Life –

The way we analyse it, consciousness is a gamut that varies from autopilot mode to complete awareness. 

When we perform at a lower consciousness level, we tend to feel forgetful, lazy, bored or distracted. This mind state may be useful in some situations, like performing menial tasks, yet in these tasks also, optimal consciousness level or awareness can enrich our experience, thereby making it more meaningful. 

On the contrary, when your schedule is tight, maintaining a higher consciousness level is extremely essential as going into a distracted mode may be harmful on several levels. 

People often mistakenly believe that consciousness is egocentrism and concentrating on themselves, but in reality, total awareness means giving full attention to the people around you along with your environment. It refers to what is happening in the present moment, rather than wandering off into thinking about the past or future. 

Nevertheless, what does it actually mean to become truly aware in daily life? How to address the challenges of life while being non-judgemental? How to stay positive when we are bombarded by information, anger, sorrow or worry?

We will talk about some techniques anyone can deploy in their daily life to raise consciousness.

But initially, let’s discuss the benefits of maintaining higher consciousness in everyday life. 

Benefits of Being More Conscious in Daily Life –

What are the actual advantages of becoming more aware in daily life? Why do you need to raise your consciousness?

We define consciousness as attaining mastery over the mind. This concise yet broad definition comprises many aspects of the functioning of human beings:

  • Understanding your physical environment and the people around you 

  • Being aware of your thoughts, physical processes and emotions

  • Making deliberate and intelligent decisions

  • Staying positive irrespective of the circumstances

  • Be focused and know what is crucial in any present moment

  • Having a rational idea of reality

All of these show the real advantages of being more conscious and focused in day-to-day life. There are many steps you can take to get there.

  • Find your values: To build a purposeful and meaningful life, it is important to spend ti

  • me to mindfully recognise your true values. Having a sense of what matters to you the most allows you to lead your life in a conscious and intentional manner. Values are like guiding principles that direct your behaviour and mould your objectives in useful ways. 

  • Controlling your health: When you choose to become more aware of your health, you actually choose to become more conscious of different behaviours that positively and negatively 

  • affect your health. Keep in mind that your actions impact physical and emotional health in many ways. The more you become aware of how your daily activities and actions impact your well-being, the closer you go towards consciousness.   

  • Do work that you like: Feeling a sense of meaning and purpose behind the work that you do increases your happiness and well-being. It is also vital to feel that the work you do matches your values and satisfies your key sense of who you are. When you believe in your work wholeheartedly, you perform it with high consciousness. 

  • Spend time outside: Contemporary jobs often keep us attached to digital devices throughout business hours; however, in our private lives also, we spend considerable time on electronic gadgets. This too much exposure to the online world can reduce our consciousness and focus. Hence, spending time outside, like in the park, beach etc. should be a must-do for people who want to regain consciousness. 


Final Word –

As you have perhaps realised by now, there are several things you can do to elevate your consciousness level in daily life. From finding your values and taking control of your health to doing work that matters and spending time outside.

Consciousness does not comprise taking care of yourself only; it also consists of concentrating on your environment: nature, the people in your vicinity and your thoughts. If you want to enjoy the present moments, you have to make a conscious decision to take a step forward and make an important change in your life. 

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