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Think and Talk About Solutions Only

There are times when circumstances are challenging or we face difficulty in managing people. If we concentrate on the problem, we become upset, we fear, we worry and we complain. All these things drain our energy that makes our problem even bigger. Thus, we have to save our energy and channelize it into creating solutions. 

Do you talk about your problems more than solutions and consequently develop negative feelings? During any crisis, do you keep thinking and discussing- who did it, why did it occur and why things go so wrong with me every time? Or do you tell yourself and others involved to just concentrate on what should be done now? No matter how bad our situation is, what really matters is its solution. 


Burdening the mind with overwhelming questions depletes our energy besides wasting our valuable time. We need to calm the mind, not let it go on with thoughts related to blame, victim and rejection. These thoughts drain us, drain others and drain the situation’s energy. This approach magnifies the issue. We can think about the details of the problem later; but, presently, the immediate requirement is to shift to solutions. The problem has already occurred so we need to concentrate on the present moment. Let’s invest our whole energy to find a solution and deploy it. 


From now onwards, when you encounter a difficult situation or difficult person, say to yourself that your life is fine and perfect. Take your energy towards solutions irrespective of big or small issue. Accept the situation. Do not exhaust your energy in discussing behaviours or scenes. Remember that it is your past karmas that made you write this issue in your destiny. Concentrate on yourself, your behaviour, and your actions. Use your entire energy to stay in the present because you are powerful in the present. So stay calm that helps you to focus on the solution. Finally, implement the solution to address the issue. 


So become a solution-oriented person, which is key to happiness and positivity in life. 

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