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About Kundalini Session

All session will be conducted under direct supervision of your mentor Aacharya Kamlesh.

Kundalini is supposed to be the force and vitality of the universe that dwells inside everybody. It is a power that can be utilized to join the body, psyche and soul into a firm entirety. This unmistakable vitality sits wound at the base of the spine and will lie lethargic except if actuated.

Kundalini awakening is dangerous , in the sense that it could burn your physical body unto your death. This happens if you are not prepared, and trying it without any siddha guru.

When Kundalini is freed through meditation, asanas or other practices, it travels up the spinal cord through a hollow canal known as the Sushumna and up to the brain.

Intense energy surges through the body and spine, or milder sensations of energy “working” in some area of the body, such as feeling tingling sensation in the brain. Energetic intolerance : Inability to tolerate certain people, your energy body rejects them.

Sometimes kundalini may awaken and cause intense symptoms but if it has not risen properly or only a partial rising occurs then it may go back to a dormant state.  Kundalini symptoms do eventually subside and become much gentler over time although there is usually still awareness of the activity of Kundalini.

You may feel physical symptoms, such as waking up at random hours of the night, sweating, crying, or even literally feeling an intense rush of energy going up your spine.

Those with certain wellbeing or different issues ought to alter their Kundalini Yoga practice as needs be. Understudies who are overweight, experience the ill effects of hypertension, or have prior wounds are unequivocally encouraged to talk with a clinical doctor while figuring their training, to abstain from doing any activities which may worsen the condition.

Yes, after going through one session with Aacharya Kamlesh.

Yes, it is hundred percent safe if practised under supervision of your Mentor. If practices solely, it can harm you as well.

About Individual & Group Session

There are some misconception about group sessions and individual session submitted by students.

There is no difference between both the sessions. Both the sessions are conducted by our guru Aacharya Kamlesh. It’s all about feeling comfortable as body goes through many movemnts.

Kundalini awakening is all about once during lifetime. There is no superpower given to practitioners, which will leave them after sometime. It will stays with you forever, if practiced carefully.

No, it’s a matter of one time. You do not need to register and pay fees again and again.

Do not worry about issues, as we stay connected with al our students via Whatsapp, Messanger or Webinars.

We tried to answer all your queries, please write directly to us.

Questions are never indiscreet, answers sometimes are. “

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