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Guided Practices Post Kundalini Shaktipat


Pre-requisite: Kundalini Activation Session (Initiation)

Medium:  Online

Duration: 1 Hour 30 Min (3 times in a week)

Channel : Zoom/ Skype

Length: 90 Days

Three Day by Guruji, Remaining Days Will Be Followed By Self Practice

Fees: 700USD (350$ will be the fees + 350 $ will go to the education of a girl child)


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Spread the love

Guided meditation sessions are conducted by our Guruji Aacharya Kamlesh, every alternate day followed by a session of questions and answers. Please go through the below-mentioned text to understand, Why one is required to join guru guided meditation sessions, post kundalini awakening sessions.

Kundalini Awakening starts with an initiation session, where Our beloved Guru Aacharya Kamlesh conducts the first session. After attending the first session all your chakras get cleaned and aligned.

After the initiation session, it is required to take sessions for 90 days under Guruji’s Guidance.

This experience is appropriate for any individual who is prepared and open to experience profound purging and mending on physical, mental, passionate, and otherworldly levels. It is an amazingly compensating process that empowers the searcher to get to his/her special capacity to mend, learn and develop.

Spiritual Mentor for Guided Meditation : Aacharya Kamlesh


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