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Group Session


Intake : 20 People

Date & Time : Weekends (Subject to availability)

Medium :  Online

Channel : Zoom 

Note : This fee is non-negotiable and please do not embarrass us by making requests for exceptions.

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Spread the love

Kundalini awakening is an enormous wellspring of intensity which knows no limits. When Kundalini vitality is enacted, we can get to our actual potential, to move past the restrictions of the physical body and access multi-dimensional planes.

It is our profound vitality that empowers us to get to more profound capacities inside us, permitting us to mend and show all that we long for.

This experience is appropriate for any individual who is prepared and open to experience profound purging and mending on physical, mental, passionate and otherworldly levels. It is an amazingly compensating process that empowers the searcher to get to his/her special capacity to mend, learn and develop

Spiritual Mentor : Aacharya Kamlesh



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