Open Your Heart Chakras

Exchange love unconditionally, stop getting hurt over anything and gain the ability of forgiveness.

Purpose of

Open Your Heart Chakras​

Every human is able to feel and exchange EMOTIONS. Many of us expect to receive UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and EMPATHY without offering the same to others. This is because of the blockage of the 4th primary Chakra, HEART CHAKRA. At the center of the chest, the Heart Chakra is located which connects the Psychological as well as Spiritualzones in the human body. It takes care of the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of a person. The Heart Chakra, also known as the Anahata Chakra means unhurt, undefeated, and unstruck in Sanskrit. If this Chakra is opened or activated the feelings like fear, anxiety, stress, lack of self-love, loneliness, depression, etc. disappear from a person’s life.

A blocked Heart Chakra can be opened by utilizing the balance of ENERGY flow in the body through specific Yogic, Meditation Practices, and BREATHING TECHNIQUES. Heart Diseases, Respiratory Issues, Circulatory Issues, and Emotional Health Issues can be healed by activating the Heart Chakra. Opening the Anahata Chakra allows a person to become more forgiving, empathetic, confident, selfdependant and a better decision-maker. It brings joy, stability and acceptance to a person’s life which is important for their MIND and SOUL.

Heart Chakras - Benefits

  • Heals Blood Pressure Issues
  • Heals Respiratory Issues
  • Heals Circulatory Issues
  • Relief From Heart Issues
  • Control On Emotions
  • Stress and Anger Management
  • Self-love and Compassion
  • Removes Greed
  • Helps In Making Self-dependent, Empathetic & Self-Acceptance
  • Relief From Depression
  • Better Decision-Making
  • Creates A Feeling Of Forgiveness By Letting Go The Grudges



A. If you are getting hurt over every small thing. If you are having issues like anxiety, fear, sadness,
indecisiveness, depression, circulatory issues, loneliness, holding grudges towards people you love,
and many more. These are a few symptoms that indicate that your Heart Chakra is blocked.



Opening the Heart Chakra provides relief from blood pressure issues, respiratory issues,
circulatory issues, instability and heart-related issues. It also helps in gaining control over the
feelings and emotions like fear, anxiety, loneliness, grief, stress, sadness, anger, etc.

Course Details

Open Your Heart Chakras ( 7 Day’s Event )

  • Understanding of emotions
  • Emotional effects on Heart Chakra
  • Heart chakra blockage effect on body & emotion
  • Specific breathing techniques to remove blockage
  • Shakti path for heart chakra activation 
  • Yogic dance practices
  • 5 shakti path 
  • Physical mental & phycological balancing 
  • Specific yogic practices to remove traumas lack & fear.      

Starting From : 28 May TO 5 June

Timing : 6:00am To 7:30am

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“You shall attempt an analysis of this Current of Joy as it affects the outer consciousness including the physiological man. To the sensuous consciousness It appears as of the nature of a fluid, for there is a sense of ‘flowing through.’’

Open Your Heart Chakras

Fill yourself with immense love, compassion, harmony and empathy by activating your Heart Chakra.
Become a more forgiving, loving and balanced mind person.