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(Make your and others' world peaceful and beautiful)

The mentorship programme is the opportunity to serve yourself and society by sharing the wisdom and knowledge of human consciousness and spirituality to foster global harmony. Designed and created by Guruji, this intensive programme establishes the required atmosphere for people to analyse deeper dimensions of holistic human wellbeing. In doing so, they become a vehicle for others to get the tools necessary to work towards their own inner transformation. The programme addresses all aspects of people’s quality of life, such as material well-being, relationships with family and friends as well as emotional and physical health that is the basis of their prosperity.

Mentorship Benefits -

  • Develop your inner strength
  • Develop a deeper understanding of Guruji’s knowledge and learn to share it with the world 
  • Get the ability to speak and teach in groups with confidence
  • Learn the purpose of your existence
  • Strengthen your personal practice of yoga and meditation
  • Improve physical health and boost immunity
  • Improve emotional and mental health
  • Win over depression and anxiety
  • Develop skills to uplift the community
  • Bring positive change to society 
  • Create a stress-free and violence-free society
  • Inculcate essential life skills to manage careers, work and home 
  • Learn yogic healing
  • Raise consciousness

Reserve Your Seat

“Every moment that we spend in higher consciousness helps uplift the consciousness of the whole world and we do our best for the world rather than becoming the best in the world.”

As there is technology and science to foster external well-being, there are scientific techniques to create inner well-being so that you can become master of your destiny. This programme will teach you these techniques that will make every moment of your life self-determined.

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