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Kundalini Activation- Symptoms and Benefits

The Kundalini Activation process refers to the energy transmission procedure that activates your life force. During this procedure of activation, kundalini energy flows from your root to your crown chakra which tremendously impacts your well-being and helps you attain mental clarity along with higher consciousness. It can also reduce your physical pain and mitigate your anxiety.

The Kundalini Activation procedure is a direct and gentle way to activate your kundalini energy. This energy is regarded as the ultimate life force and is one of the most precious spiritual gifts. Also, it is the source of sacred feminine energy. Kundalini energy is like a coiled snake that exists at the base of the spine. The word Kundalini is derived from the Sanskrit word called “kundal”, which means “coiled” or “serpentine”. The divine feminine energy is represented by this serpent that is presented in every living thing, bringing about a blissful state along with harmony once awakened. 

Kundalini energy is activated by a type of yoga that comprises singing, chanting and breathing exercises. It is one of the most dangerous types of yoga as it is the most potent and potent things are the most dangerous if they are not handled properly. Due to this, without the required preparation, without constant and expert guidance, nobody must ever attempt it. In addition to this, if the required conducive atmosphere is not there, simply striving to raise Kundalini may be very dangerous and irresponsible.

Symptoms of Kundalini Activation

The experience of kundalini awakening varies from person to person; for example, some people experience its activation slowly, while others have immediate. But, you cannot predict the rise of kundalini. It moves at its own pace and develops different symptoms along the way. Following are some symptoms:

  • You feel joyful at the moment and develop a sense of powerful peace
  • You feel compassion and love for all
  • Your mind is still, with an extraordinary ability to concentrate on one thing at a time
  • Your mind is able to observe and discern
  • Old issues do not have the same impact on you anymore; however, you remember them, they don’t bother you
  • You have new ideas for your life
  • You develop profound strength and clarity that enables you to make favourable changes in your life fearlessly
  • Increase in empathy
  • Surge of creativity
  • Your body can shake (happens if Kundalini energy is rising but your chakras are blocked, so the energy cannot flow)

Kundalini Activation Benefits

People whose Kundalini is activated experience a range of benefits that includes:

  • Increase compassion and mindfulness
  • Improved communication with others and self
  • Clear mind
  • Greater purpose in your actions
  • Inspiration
  • Brings authentic spiritual experience
  • Reinforces the immune system
  • Boost self-perception
  • Reduces the risk of emotional disorders
  • Helps in addressing anxiety, insomnia and depression

So are you ready to start this journey of blissfulness, deep devotion, patience and purification?

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