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Kundalini Activation Via Shaktipat

Benifits Of Kundalini Activation

  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Sense of Purity
  • Freedom from Karmic Debt
  • You feel more Peaceful
  • Improved Memory
  • Better IQ
  • Become more Compassionate
  • Develop Psychic Powers
  • Free From Mental & Emotional Issues

What Previous Participants says..

The overall was a very good experience…I could see all the chakra with its colour…at starting of meditation was bit turbulence but ended up with fresh mind…

Thanks a lot🙏

Shivani Jain

-New Delhi

जय गुरुदेवजी, सादर प्रणाम 

मैं सोनाजी बनकर आपका आज का session बहुत अच्छा रहा। इसके लिए धन्यवाद। आपके मार्गदर्शन के अनुसार ध्यान करते समय मुझे निम्नलिखित अनुभूती हुई

spinal chord का जहाँ end होता है वहा कुछ हलचल सी महसुस हुई।

 फॅन चल रहा था फिर भी गरमाँहट हो रही थी। माथे के उपर vibrations हो रहे थे।

आपके मार्गदर्शन का अभिलाषी हुं।

Sonji Bunkar

Pune, Maharastra

The meditation was insightful. Thank you for the session but I would be greatful if you could guide me a little about the blocked chakras and how to fix them. I want to Learn.



Hello @Aadinath Kundalini Yoga, firstly wishing you a happy guru Purnima, the session was amazing. I’d felt similar vibrations once before during meditations but the flow wasn’t complete, today I specifically felt energy flow right out of crown from the root,  beautifully swaying and vibrating, in parts intensity rose and my whole body was vibrating. But I was grounded and calm throughout. Thank you so much for such an ecstatic experience. I’ve never felt this energy flow so easy before, thank you.



It was indeed a pleasure to be a part of this session…. I am feeling refreshed, calm & NEW somehow . Infact i continued to stay in that state for half an hour post the session. Very grateful to kamleshji for the same. Will continue the practice & stay in touch to share my experiences in this journey….🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻



आपका बहुत बहुत आभार 🙏🏻,
इस अनुभव को शब्दों में बयान करना बहुत कठिन है, जो अनुभूति हुई है और आपके द्वारा जो व्यग्तिगत सटीक जानकारी दी गयी है वो अप्रतियाशीत थी।
एक बार पुनः आपका धन्यवाद💐🙏🏻



Turn insight into action

“The process of awakening or enlightenment is nothing but to empty yourself from inside, and make you encounter with the real being, where you absolutely relax yourself and feel rejuvenated to experience life again.”

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