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Kundalini: 7 Common Myths- Busted

Ever Googled Kundalini activation or yoga? You might have got search results labelling it a “dangerous” practice that may provoke anxiety in even experienced yogis. While it is correct that Kundalini activation releases vast power that can corrupt provided it is not utilised properly, it has been tested and honed. Here, we dispel the 7 biggest myths regarding Kundalini activation.

It is dangerous -

Kundalini is a loving, healing as well as enlightening energy that makes you trust your intuition deeply and connect with your higher self. It is one of the most dangerous types of yoga as it is the most potent and potent things are the most dangerous if they are not handled properly. Due to this, without the required preparation, without constant and expert guidance, nobody must ever attempt it. In addition to this, if the required conducive atmosphere is not there, simply striving to raise Kundalini may be very dangerous and irresponsible. The structured practices taught in our Kundalini activation course would prepare you for a safe and enriching experience.

It is a religion -

Kundalini activation connects with your true potential and inner-self and can transform your life positively irrespective of your religion and beliefs. The mantras taught during the Kundalini activation course are universal in nature. Though the word God is used quite often in Kundalini yoga, it is not necessary for you to believe in a particular deity. The God here means the “Sustainer of All Beings.” You can use a different word that is more natural to you, like divine, universe and sacred. 

Kundalini energy is frightening -

For most people, the activation of Kundalini energy resembles a lovely wave of divinity that opens new dimensions of life. You feel inner bliss that begins in the spine and spread in the whole body. Some say that it feels sensual. It is intimidating only if you hold on existing patterns and preconceived notions. The awakening of Kundalini clears your energy channels that are blocked due to reasons like stress, poor physical posture and unhealthy eating habits. This is the debris of a lifetime that takes time to clear. 

It is only related to sexual energy -

Kundalini is a whirlpool of energy located at the base of your spine. Many forces, such as creativity, motivation and sexuality originate from this region. The same energy that awakens sexuality is utilised in the Kundalini activation process to raise consciousness by drawing this energy inward so that it can be converted into personal energy. This tremendous energy also enhances healing and intuition. 

This means the sexual energy is channelled up in the spine, facilitating the rise of Kundalini. When the sexual energy rises up, waves of blissfulness pass throughout the body, opening the blocked gateways of the energy centres. 

You need to wear a headpiece -

The covering of the crown chakra is an age-old technique to contain personal energy that opens to the universal divine energy. Due to this, several Kundalini yoga practitioners cover the top of their heads during practice; however, it is totally optional. 

It ruins your relationship with friends and family -

Your frequency shifts while practicing Kundalini yoga which is a beautiful thing. You may find yourself more courageous and connected to divine energy; you may experience several synchronicities; you may become uncomfortable in environments that you were once numb to. This presence with heightened awareness actually helps those you love in their healing also. People who like you for being who you are would be happy to see you extremely delightful. (They would want to know the secret of your sudden increase in happiness!) Those who leave you never understood you in any case, even if you tried so hard to convince them. 

It is difficult -

Kundalini yoga is both meditative and challenging in a balanced way. The robust focus on breathing creates minute changes in the energy body and the resilience practices establish willpower along with a strong nervous system.

The objective of the practice is to go beyond any notion that the mind establishes in terms of difficult or simple. The key focus of the Kundalini practice is to bring the mind into the natural state of silence as well as acceptance. The practice becomes accessible to all in this state and they eventually learn to live with peace and contentment. 

After going through this list, have you got some sort of confidence in Kundalini activation? 

Let us know below. 

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