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Digital Detox: Meaning and Techniques to Do It

Today’s life is surrounded by lots of information from digital media which creates a challenge to ignore it. This challenge seems more unachievable because we are social animals. However, we have not realised the negative impact of it on physical, mental or emotional aspects of life. Now, it’s time to be aware and avoid the adverse impact of the virtual world on your life.

Before talking about techniques for Digital Detoxification, let us examine what actually we are talking about and why it is an important issue to tackle.

What is Digital Detoxification?

In simple language, it is the time when a person stops or reduces the usage of digital gadgets to interact and establish real-life relationships. Previously, you would have heard the word detox while seeking some ways to cleanse your body and skin. Thanks to our obsession with digital media, we have produced a whole new vertical of business. Here individuals are trained on how to avoid the overuse of digital media as well as devices. 

How do you realise if you require digital detoxification? If you suffer from the following symptoms, then it is time to commence working on the detoxifying digital virus from your life.

  • Check your phone every few minutes
  • Become stressed if you are not able to find the phone
  • Check continuously for the number of shares, likes or comments on your recent post on social media
  • Feel stressed when the internet connection is disturbed
  • Not able to focus if the phone is not available in front of you
  • Fear that important updates would be missed if you don’t check the phone quite often

If your answer is yes for more than three of the above symptoms, you have to take action to control tech addiction 

Do you require a Digital Detox?

Why do you get addicted?

The answer is- Neurotransmitters!

You must be pondering how a neurotransmitter is a reason for your addiction? The answer is simple, dopamine a significant neurotransmitter controls the way your brain analyses rewards and pleasures. 

Social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook or even various video games utilise this information to develop features that discharge dopamine. As a consequence of this, you are attracted to them and find it difficult to stop using the device or app. 

Why do you need a Digital Detox?

  • The research says that too much technology use is linked to sleep issues, high stress levels and depressive symptoms
  • That feeling of always being on and connected may make it complicated to establish boundaries between work and home life, which can negatively influence overall job satisfaction and inculcate feelings of overwork
  • Removing digital distractions creates opportunities to focus on people around you; for example, without gadgets around at dinner, you can interact and connect more with your 
  • You have more control over your time because you don’t waste much time in aimless browsing of different apps

Solutions -

Find other activities to stimulate the secretion of the pleasure-seeking neurotransmitter. Very Simple.

  • Reward yourself when you stay away from technology while having a conversation with someone face-to-face
  • Set reminders so that you can take frequent breaks from screen-time
  • Go out in the park and enjoy a walk 
  • Two hours before bedtime, refrain from using the phone 
  • While having meals with family at the dining table, do not use the phone 
  • Turn off notifications from all apps while working and check them during a break
  • Switch to sports that keeps you healthy and it is a proven technique for a digital detox 
  • When you go to bed, leave the phone in another room so that you don’t wake up with the phone. Buy an alarm clock if you use your phone as an alarm and stay away from your phone for the first hour after you get up

There are several difficult ways to free yourself from the digital bug; however, once you commit, these easy ways would be more effective.

Once you make it a point to follow them, everything is possible. Start small, but don’t stop!

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