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How Third Eye Activation can transform Your Life ?

Do you know your body has an energy centre that can raise your concentration, focus as well as improve your intuitive abilities? This energy centre is situated in the middle of your eyebrows and it is associated with the capacity to perceive things outside of the five senses. You might have heard several spiritual people […]

Develop these 7 Habits of Mindful People to Attract Success

You might have heard the term mindfulness from different sources, like news, celebrities and yoga instructors.If you desire to learn more regarding mindfulness and how it can benefit you, you have reached the right place! What is mindfulness? Mindfulness refers to the “mental state of awareness.” There can be several interpretations of this statement, however, […]

How to Become More Empathetic

We all love to be surrounded by empathetic people. We feel they understand and listen to us. But do you know that research has proved that empathy is not a characteristic that some people possess and others don’t? In contrast, it can be cultivated by anybody. Empathetic people live happier, richer and lead more fulfilling […]

Kundalini Activation- Symptoms and Benefits

The Kundalini Activation process refers to the energy transmission procedure that activates your life force. During this procedure of activation, kundalini energy flows from your root to your crown chakra which tremendously impacts your well-being and helps you attain mental clarity along with higher consciousness. It can also reduce your physical pain and mitigate your […]

6 Easy Strategies to Stop Overthinking

Do you ever overthink things? You know, where you spend too much time thinking about something and it ends up being a distraction? Or worse, something that you end up doing poorly on because you’re too distracted to focus? If so, this blog post is for you. I’m going to teach you 6 ways to […]

Digital Detox: Meaning and Techniques to Do It

Today’s life is surrounded by lots of information from digital media which creates a challenge to ignore it. This challenge seems more unachievable because we are social animals. However, we have not realised the negative impact of it on physical, mental or emotional aspects of life. Now, it’s time to be aware and avoid the […]

5 Ways to Master your Mind

Mastering your thoughts can be extremely challenging for you, but it is a most rewarding tool to enrich your life.  The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts that can be improved if you control your mind. That’s why it is crucial to keep monitoring your thoughts and make sure that […]

What is Consciousness? Benefits and How to achieve it.

What is Consciousness? Benefits and How to achieve it – Do you feel quite often that you are sleepwalking in your life? As if some activities happen somehow without your total involvement as well as presence, leaving you lost, unsatisfied and confused? Sometimes, we are so overloaded by information and technology and by several things […]

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